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Vacation Homes

Vacation Homes: Mexico Destinations are Fiestas in Paradise

Mexico is one of the emerging wonders of the world. It is a country filled with natural beauty from majestic mountain ranges to arid high plains, tropical rain forests to warm coastal resort destinations. It is a place whose people share an eclectic and vibrant culture of colonial enclaves, coffee plantations and art deco architecture; missionaries, men and machines; faith, principles and convictions.

Visitors and expatriates in Mexico can truly have it all when they are in Mexico: sun and sports, art and archeology, spas and shopping, dining and dancing, and the warmest blend of people, places and traditions. There is no better way to experience the pleasures of this nearby getaway than through home ownership with Mexico Alive, the respected leaders in retirement and vacation home real estate in Mexico. Come and discover what millions of people already know: that the perfect place to spend a good part of the rest of your life is just across the border. Book a Discovery Weekend package to see our properties.

Investment Oportunities: Invest in Yourself
As a rule of thumb, property values in Mexico tend to increase year after year, particularly in popular cities and coastal areas. As with all property, the relative value of land comes down to one simple factor: location. With more baby boomers look to retire and as more people from the United States seeking out investment opportunities in vacation destinations close to home, property values are expected to rise in the coming decade, especially true in the carefully-chosen locations where Mexico Alive developments are taking shape.

According to several sources, the continued development and investment in places like Akumal and Tulum – two of Riviera Maya's popular coastal towns and Puerto Vallarta have had the effect of increasing property values by 7% - 10% annually with as much as 20% or more in the most coveted communities. The annual inflation rate in Mexico hovers at about 4% and is coupled with the robust growth of the Mexican economy (at a rate of approximately 3.8% annually). These numbers are compelling and hint at the remarkable investment opportunities waiting for potential investors in Mexican real estate. Here is a sample figure to help calculate the value of second home ownership over inflation: A home purchased in Mexico for $250,000 today, with an annual increase in property value of 8.5%, would have a value of $565,246 in 10 years and $1,278,011 in 20 years.