Galarza Family

"We came down to Riviera Maya for a Discovery Weekend in July 2010 and decided to purchase a Condo-Hotel unit at Sian Ka'an that same weekend. Working with Benjamin and his whole Mexico Alive team was such an enjoyable experience – so much so, that once we returned home to Dallas, TX, we decided that being in Tulum 'part-time' would not be enough, so we called the Mexico Alive team and told them that we were going to buy a place at Tao….. We are now the proud owners of a Sian Ka'an Condo Hotel unit; as well as a townhome in the Tao development. We really are looking forward to moving down to Riviera Maya and enjoying the area full-time!"

Laszlo Horvarth

"I heard about the development through International Living and decided to come down for the Discovery Weekend. I had initially never considered Mexico as a real estate investment option, however I thought, 'why not go down and at least have a nice vacation'. But when I arrived, I was blown away and surprised by Riviera Maya's beauty…. And really surprised by the quality of the development….. This is my second trip to Mexico and at the end of my stay, I decided to buy a condo."

Lane Wilson

"We've been to many Mexican resort communities – Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel. however, on a recent trip to Tulum we were truly impressed by the region's overall simplicity and hope that the area will stay as natural as possible. As we love to travel, learn about different cultures and people's way of life….. we really appreciate that Tao is being built with a concern for the environment; as well as with an emphasis and focus on eco-development. We were also quite impressed by the excellent presentation and look forward to see how the project will unfold…."