Benjamin Beja - President & CEO

Mexico Alive President and CEO, Benjamin Beja has visited close to 100 countries, however, he is now happily settled in Riviera Maya, Mexico. A combination of legal, business, real estate and language skills, as well as the insights gained from his travels, makes him an ideal person to lead Mexico Alive and to help others discover their own Mexican paradise.

Before joining MexicoAlive, Beja already had extensive business experience in sales and marketing; project management and business development; as well as in real estate, banking, law, editorial and technology in Mexico, Latin America and Spain. This experience contributes to his ability to find the finest in coastal real estate and work with purchasers to provide the best and most stress-free purchase experience for them.

A native of Mexico City, Beja attended the prestigious National University (UNAM) where he received highest honors when graduating in 1991 with a degree in law. Postgraduate studies in Japan followed by a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University rounded out his formal education. A soft-spoken family man who is drawn to Far-Eastern philosophies, he attributes his acumen in business and overall communication skills, not only to his outstanding education, but also to his unique understanding of the Mexican way of life and his experience in other cultures.